National Journal of Research in Community Medicine
ISSN: 2277-1522 (Print); 2277-3517 (Online)

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Community Medicine Faculties Association(COMFA)

Volume 6, Issue 4, Oct-Dec 2017

Table of Contents
  • Editorial
  • Toilet for all by 2019,can India reach there?
    Purushottam A.Giri. DOI:10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.271
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  • Short Article
  • Retrospective Analysis of Demographic and Clinical Profile of Dengue Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Denesh Narasimhan, Silpita Katragadda. 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.272-74
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  • Original Research Article
  • Tobacco use and health: Case control study in rural Kerala
    Anant T. Pawar, Shankar Bhosale, Durgesh Kumar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.275-77
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  • A descriptive study on risk factors among acute myocardial infarction patients admitted to the coronary care unit of Prince Mitab hospital Sakaka Aljouf.
    Altaf Hussain Banday, Khalid Salem Albalawi, Zedan Saud Aleneze, Ali Hamoud Alanazi, Marwan Abdullah Aljoufi, Rayan Riyadh Aldandani. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.278-82
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  • A study on prevalence of hypertension among high school children in Shivamogga City - a cross sectional study.
    Rajashree Kotabal,Pralhad Dasar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.283-87
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  • A study on the prevalence of depression and its associated factors among the elderly in Kancheepuram district, South India.
    Joy Patricia Pushparani, S.Chitrasena,R.Ramasubramanian. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.288-94
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  • Prevalence and determinants of Pre hypertension and Hypertension among urban high school adolescents of Hyderabad
    Sudha Bala, Manne Sandeep, G.K.Narayana Prasad, Addepalli Chandrasekhar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.295-99
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  • Factors amounting to the delay in diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary Tuberculosis: A cross sectional study in a tertiary care hospital of South India
    Harish B.R, Sudhir, Kavyashree M Arun. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.300-4
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  • Comparison of Drug Resistance pattern under supervised Vs unsupervised treatment of Tuberculosis
    Ashish Kumar Gupta, Tariq Mahmood, Mohd Haroon Khan. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2017.6.4.305-8
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  • Study on lifestyle risk factors in school children and its relationship to their mothers’
    Laghima.V.N., Sobha George, Nimitha Paul
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  • Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness For A Safe Motherhood Among Antenatal Women Attending an Urban Health Centre, Bengaluru.
    Ravish K S, Spoorthy Sagar, Ranganath T S, Manjula K, Sushil I Kumar
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  • A Study on Activities of Daily Living Among Elderly in a Rural Population of Tamilnadu
    S.Suganathan Soundararajan
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  • Assessment of depression, anxiety and stress and it’s association with suicide and substance abuse among adolescents in Bangalore - A cross section study
    Vani Chalageri H, Shobha Bhat, Ranganath Sobagaiah T, Navya Sreenivas Sri
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  • Comparative study of health status of migrant versus local workers’ children in a tea plantation in Tamil Nadu, South India.
    Surekha A, Naveen R, Suguna A, Devjani G , Karthika M, Farah N F
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  • A Study on Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls and their Consciousness About Body Image
    Mayuri Reddy Reddy,Ramya V, Spoorthi B. S.
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