National Journal of Research in Community Medicine
ISSN: 2277-1522 (Print); 2277-3517 (Online)

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Community Medicine Faculties Association(COMFA)

Volume 1, issue 3, July - September, 2012

Table of Contents
  • A study on Epidemiology of Fluorosis in a village of Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh.
    Ravi Kiran E, Vijaya K
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  • Integrating Genomics and Public Health- Implications in Disease Prevention.
    Sudha Ramalingam
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  • Kangaroo Mother Care – An Appropriate Technology to Reduce Neonatal Mortality Rate in Developing Countries.
    Rekha Dutt
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  • Expenditure patterns of micro-savings among members of community based women’s organizations in a rural area in Karnataka.
    Shailendra Kumar B Hegde, Ramakrishna Goud B, Twinkle Agrawal, Abhita Braganza, Abhay Sood, Dias Brendan
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  • A Study on Quality of Life of Elderly Population in Mettupalayam, A Rural Area of Tamilnadu.
    Sowmiya KR, Nagarani
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  • Prevalence of needle-stick injuries, knowledge of universal precautions and post exposure prophylaxis among private medical practitioners of Madurai city, Tamilnadu.
    Bayapa Reddy N, Piramanayagam A, Pallavi M, Singh RK, Nagarjuna Reddy N,Pirabu RA
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  • Profile of diarrhea outbreaks in Nanded district, India.
    Geeta S. Pardeshi, Mohan K Doibale, Mohan K Doibale
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  • KAP of current beneficiaries of health insurance on health insurance in an urban area Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.
    Priyadarsini.S.P, Ethirajan.N
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  • Epidemiological Profile of Human Leptospirosis in an Urban South Indian City. Loganathan N, Sudha
    Ramalingam, Shivakumar S
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  • Health Care- Seeking Behaviour of Women with Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections in Urban field practice area, Hubli,Karnataka.
    S. Sangeetha Balamurugan, N D Bendigeri
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  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) WATCH-Countdown to 2015 Measuring progress towards the MDGs – Indian Scenario.
    Shashi kumar M
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  • Cover
  • Cover
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