National Journal of Research in Community Medicine
ISSN: 2277-1522 (Print); 2277-3517 (Online)

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Community Medicine Faculties Association(COMFA)

Volume 2, issue 1, January - June, 2013

Table of Contents
  • Management of Referral Services through Computer Based Management System
    Dr. M. Logaraj
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  • hacked by virus hacker
    hacked by virus hacker
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  • "Induced Abortion" & "Sterilization" as Individual Methods of Contraception among Rural Married Women of Reproductive Age and Non Usage of Spacing Methods of Contraception - A Community Based Cross Sectional Study.
    A.Kasthuri, K.Mohana krishnan, A.Suganya
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  • A study of hospitalized cases of gastroenteritis at a teaching institute in Maharashtra,India.
    Ukey Ujwala U, Rajderkar Shekhar S, Langre Sanjivani D, Suryawanshi Sandeep P, Lokhande Ganesh S, Chitre Dhruv S
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  • Quality of Life (QOL) Among Geriatric Population in Siliguri Sub-division of District Darjeeling, West Bengal
    Dr. Fasihul Akbar, Dr. Manish Kumar, Dr. Nivedita Das, Dr. Supantha Chatterjee, Dr. Sujishnu Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Manasi Chakraborty, Dr. Kingsuk Sarkar
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  • Medical Needs Assessment of Persons with Locomotor Disability in a Rural area in Karnataka.
    Hemanth T, Shankar R, Praveen, Pruthvish S
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  • Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases in an Urban Locality of Andhra Pradesh.
    Prabakaran J, Vijayalakshmi N, Ananthaiah Chetty N
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  • Prevalence and Pattern of use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines by the patients with Diabetes, attending a Tertiary care centre in Salem, Tamil Nadu.
    S. Sangeetha Balamurugan, A. Swathi, C. Kannan
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  • A Study on the Relationship of Music Therapy and the Personality Traits of Neuroticism and Agreeableness.
    Dr.R.Sobana MD, Dr.K.Jaiganesh MD, Dr.P.Bharathi MD
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  • Prevalence of Chronic Morbidities And Risk Behaviours Of The Coastal Population of Kerala.
    Dr sandhya GI, Dr Ramla Beegam, Dr Leena Viswam
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  • Assessment of Immunization Status among the Children Age Group between 12-23 Months by 15 Cluster Sampling Technique in Rural Area of Tamilnadu.
    Dr.Bayapa Reddy N, Mrs Pallavi M, Dr Nagarjuna Reddy, Dr Madhavi Eerike, Mr Radhakrishna L, Dr.Sireesha posam
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  • Prevalence of Use of Tobacco Among Males Aged 15 Years And Above In Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh
    Dr.J.Kishore Yadav, Dr.K.Vijaya, Dr.E.Ravi Kiran
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  • Epidemiology and Management Outcome of Burnt Patients admitted at Tertiary Hospital, Nanded, Maharashtra-A Prospective Study
    Dr. Domple Vijay K, Dr. Khadilkar Hrishikesh A, Dr. Nandkeshav R.Aswar, Dr. I.F.Inamdar, Dr. R.D.Gadekar, Dr. Doibale Mohan K
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  • Specialty Medical Blogs: A tool to disseminate Health Information - Section 2
    Dr. M.R. Murali Prasad, Dr. B. Vijaya Kumar
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