National Journal of Research in Community Medicine
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Community Medicine Faculties Association(COMFA)

Current issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, Jan-Mar. 2019.

Table of Contents
  • Short Article
  • A study of Socio-demographic factors and fertility in a village of Western Maharashtra
    Lagdir Gaikwad, Sampatti Todkar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.001-003
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  • Original Research Article
  • Prevalence of Modifiable Risk Factors of Low Bone Density among Adults in an Urban Area of Tamil Nadu
    Priyadarshini Chidambaram, V. V. Anantharaman. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.004-009.
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  • Injury Patterns & Determinants of Road Accidents in Rural Wardha
    Pramita Muntode Gharde, Vasant V Wagh, Abhay Mudey, Guddi Laishram, Shashank Gotarkar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.010-014.
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  • Seroprevalence of Typhoid in Indian Regions: Tertiary Care Hospitals & Diagnostic Laboratories-Based Study
    Dinesh Jain, Manmohan Singh, Sandeep Budhiraja, Bansidhar Tarai, Sukanya Ghildiyal. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2018.7.4.249-252.
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  • Prevalence of internet usage among selected professional college students in Puducherry
    Ramya M R, Srikanth S, Surender Rangasamy, Vrushabhendra Halevoor Nanjundappa, Hemapriya S, Soumya Nambiar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.015-019.
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  • Self directed learning readiness among undergraduate medical students in a tertiary care health institution in Pondicherry
    Naik Bijaya N, Rangasamy S, Kanungo S, Vrushabhendra HN. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.020-024.
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  • Why are temporary methods of contraception not popular even among urban women? - A Qualitative study
    T.P. Jayanthi, R. Uma Maheshwari. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.025-030
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  • Health seeking behaviours of individuals exposed to animals
    Chandana Krishna, Nicholson Syiem, Nangshan Nongbet, Rena Kithan, Swaroopa Reddy. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.031-035
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  • Psychological aspects of quality of life of breast cancer survivors
    Mohite RV, Mohite VR. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.036-040
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  • Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Health Care Providers at Tertiary Care Hospital
    Siva.P., Dhanushree Parvathi.C. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.041-045
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  • Profile of Pediatric Animal Bite Cases in Victoria Hospital, Bengaluru: A Cross Sectional Study
    Kavya M Alalageri, Shobha, Ranganath T.S, Anil Kumar.S. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.046-049.
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  • Transport sector and cardiovascular disease risk estimation: cross-sectional analysis based on WHO/ISH chart
    Suguna A, Surekha A, Abhijit V Boratne , Surendran Venkataraman. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.050-054
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  • A study to Assess the Proportion of Age-related problems and Psychosocial distress among Elderly in Urban field practice area of BMCRI,Bengaluru
    Kavya M Alalageri, Shobha, Ranganath T.S. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.055-059.
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  • Adherence to Treatment in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    K. Premanandh, R Shankar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.060-064.
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  • Usage of personal protective equipments among workers of a foundry in South India: interventional study
    Subramaniyan P, Chacko T V, Sriram R M, Osborn A J. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.065-069.
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  • Clinico-epidemiological study of hand foot & mouth disease
    T. Vani, S. Nageswaramma, Srinivasa Rao Mudavath, D. Rakesh Ranen, B. Srujan Kumar, G. Prem Sagar. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.070-073.
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  • Awareness of medical ethics among medical students in a medical college in Bangalore
    Suwarna Madhukumar ,Pavitra M B, Amrita N.S. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.074-078.
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  • Catastrophic health expenditure and its determinants among households in Rural Puducherry
    Surendran Venkataraman, Surekha A, Suguna A. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.079-083
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  • Effect of Gender Preference of Offspring on Contraceptive Use among Married Women in Urban Areas of Belagavi – A Cross Sectional Study.
    Kruthika K., Narasimha B.C.,Jagadish Gangani. DOI:10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.084-087.
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  • A Study on the Prevalence of Hypertension and its Risk Factors among Auto-rickshaw drivers of selected areas of Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh.
    Prasad.B, Jyothi.C, Kumar.C, Chandra Sekhar.V. DOI:10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.088-091
    (Full Text - PDF)
  • Non communicable diseases and lifestyle disorders among laboratory personnel in a private tertiary care hospital in Bangalore, South India – a cross sectional study.
    Ashwini G S, Bobby Joseph, B Ramakrishna Goud. DOI:10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.092-097.
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  • E-Publication
  • Risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus among patients attending a Rural Health Training Centre, Kancheepuram district.
    Gopinath.K, Roseline F.William, Thirunaaukarasu D, Karthikeyan.E. DOI: 10.26727/NJRCM.2019.8.1.098-102.
    (Full Text - PDF)